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You didn’t start a real estate business so IT could own YOU, and yet you…

  • Spend countless HOURS on mundane tasks
  • Lack consistent and powerfully proven marketing
  • Don’t have systems in place to follow up with your leads
  • Piecemeal your technology without great results
  • Feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and overworked in your business and covet a life of your choosing

It’s time to do things differently.

When you automate the mundane and focus on income generating activities, money materializes, your business excels, and time for family, friends, and fun appears.

Not only is it possible, it’s accessible, and it’s here for you now.

It’s time to turn the tables, make more money, and have more freedom in your business.

What Is REI BlackBook?

REI BlackBook is a web-based platform that supports novice and veteran real estate investors in growing and sustaining their investment business through automation and systemization.

It was created for you to stand out amongst the noise, to be successful, to love your business every day and spend more time choosing your life than playing by default.

Supporting more than 15,000 real estate investors nationwide, our powerful and proven lead generation funnels, marketing engine, contact management, deal management, deal analysis, and social credibility provides our users with all the tools necessary to run a thriving business without sacrificing the lifestyle and freedom they desire.

Who Is REI BlackBook?

REI BlackBook is not only a product, but also a family of professionals whose passion is to help you succeed. We understand that technology alone is not enough; it’s the people behind it that will see you to success. We believe in people and their dreams, and it is our promise to you to provide the support and continued innovation that transforms them into reality.

The nations largest real estate educators don’t just recommend REI BlackBook,
they provide our platform to students as a key ingredient for their success.

All of us are here for YOU, to inspire and enable YOUR success

What Do I Get?

The short story… Everything you need to successfully run your Real Estate Investment business – Contact management, CRM, Sales funnel, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Websites, Deal Analysis, and Community – Simplifying and automating the mundane so you can focus on what matters.

A bit more detail…

Professionally Designed, Done-For-You Websites

The web is the first place prospects go to find properties or locate help with distressed properties. It’s also where they research credibility. Your reputation matters, and your website says a lot about you.

Well designed websites are a proven & effective way to find active buyers & sellers. Your prospects get value, and will see you are a trusted advisor when they can download your professionally written “lead magnets” like housing reports, informative videos, checklists and more. Content invaluable to your audience & offered for free to capture prospect names and email addresses.

All of your content is pre-written for you, optimized for attracting search engines and prospects alike – but you can change any of it if you like. Simply update your personal and professional information, and you’re in business, using a proven system with a polished professional look that gives instant credibility.

  • Professional Page Designs

    No design work or coding knowledge necessary. Designed tailored to look great and give you instant credibility. Your website is professionally designed, written and optimized, and easy for you to customize any time.

  • Integrates With Our *CRM System

    Leads captured on your website are automatically imported into your REI BlackBook Client Genie – fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system! Follow-up is automatic based on the type of prospect, all without any work by you! And as a pro member you lock in your price for life — and NEVER pay any additional fees for upgrades and new releases!

  • Customize Your Site in Seconds

    Using our step-by-step page builder – built on the popular WordPress platform, you simply fill out a form for any personalized elements on your page, and our system formats and places your content without any code!

An Automated Marketing Engine

  • Classified Ads

    Automatically create elegant, high converting classified ads that look great too.! Include up to 24 photos – automatically! You just select the template, press a button and the ad is created for you.

  • 1-Click PDF Fliers

    REI BlackBook makes creating PDF Flyers a breeze. With just one click, you can have a professionally designed, elegant flyer for your property. We automatically pull your contact information from your profile, and property details and photos from your listing.

  • Single Property Websites

    If you’re using video as part of your sales process (and you really should be) then sometimes having an order button showing straight away can be distracting. Use our system to show the button only when you are ready to boost conversions.

Attract qualified leads while you’re out closing deals. REI Blackbook captures your prospects’ information and automates your follow-up – saving you time, making you money, and conserving your resources.

Your marketing engine includes…

  • Single Property Websites
  • 1-Click Property Flyers
  • Instant Publishing to Third Party Marketing Sites
  • Pre-written Lead Magnets, Landing Pages & Email Campaigns
  • Facebook Timeline Engine
  • AMP – Voice & Text Messenger
  • And more!

A Powerful and Fully Integrated CRM

Attract qualified leads while you’re out closing deals. REI Blackbook captures your prospects’ information and automates your follow-up – saving you time, making you money, and conserving your resources.

There are hundreds of great features and functionality inside of REI BlackBook’s My Client Genie, here are a few of the most popular…

  • Very Easy To Learn

    My Client Genie was specifically designed with the non-technical sales professional in mind. No training is needed. Jump right in and you will see how easy it is. Or if you want to go slowly, watch the video tutorials and we will take you through the system step by step…

  • Pre-Written Newsletters

    Send your clients a monthly newsletter that is pre-written every month and customized with your contact information. This is a great way to stay “top of mind” in your clients minds. When they are ready to do business, they will call you!

  • Flexible To-Do Management

    To-do’s are an easy way to follow up with your prospects and leads. When you need to call them in 6 months to follow up, My Client Genie will remind you on the right day and keep reminding you until you get it done. It is heart breaking when you realize you lost a big deal just because you forgot to follow up.

  • Email Drip Campaigns

    Set up automatic email campaigns that will go out at preset intervals. Create your own email templates and My Client Genie will mail merge your contact info in and send them out for you – even if you are sitting on a beach somewhere! Our permission based email system will virtually guarantee that your emails are getting delivered.

  • Autoresponders

    My Client Genie will respond to your new leads quickly and automatically. They fill out a form and seconds later they get your email response.

  • Lead Capture Websites

    Make your own landing page to capture contact info from your website visitors. You can customize the wording, decide which data fields to capture, automatically update the contact information and more.

  • Contact Management

    All aspects of your clients and prospects are important: Not just name, address and phone… My Client Genie will manage your past conversations, birthdays and anniversaries, follow-up to-dos, notes, referrals, and much more.

  • Deals Management

    Get your deals organized with your own customized Deal Tracking screens. Start tracking, organizing and managing your deals – just like you track, organize and manage your contacts!

  • 10 Second Mail Merge

    Ever try to mail-merge your contact info into a letter in Word? My Client Genie makes this process a snap. Your letters look professional, custom, and you can do it yourself in seconds.

  • Easy Audio Generator

    My Client Genie has developed the industry’s first audio generator where you don’t need any special equipment, training or technical skills. You just pick up the phone, record your audio message, and then you can easily add it to your web page – all in under a minute.

  • Easy Contact Filtering

    OK, so you have 500 contacts in your database…now what? Imagine if you could filter that list by “Hot Prospect”, or “Past Client”, etc… you get the idea. Contact Managers are useless unless they EASILY allow you to sort and segment the contacts. In My Client Genie you can slice and dice your clients anyway you want. Create your own categories and have fun!

  • Client Referral Tree

    A referral tree will show you where your referral business is coming from, and make it obvious to you who is really recommending your business. Nobody else has a referral tree – we made it up! Referrals should be a big part of your marketing strategy. My Client Genie will show you who has referred whom in an easy to read and understand Referral Tree. And the best part is that the tree is automatically built from your contact data.


Easy Property & Profit Analysis

Simple to use but complex in calculations, the Profit Analyzer intelligently explains your profit and loss projections across multiple scenarios.

You’ll be able to…

  • Calculate Profit
  • Define Your Exit Strategy
  • Compare Deals Side-by-Side
  • Run Best & Worst Case Scenarios
  • Create Printable Financial Reports
  • Calculate Loan Schedules
  • Review Comparable Sales

    REI BlackBook pulls up to 20 comparable properties, providing recent data on sale date, price, year built, beds, baths, size of home, lot & price per square foot. You can even select which properties to average in dynamic comps.

  • Real Time Market Rents

    Never make a cash flow mistake again!  With  the simple click of the mouse you’ll be analyzing real time rental data to make good buying & renting decisions.  No more guesswork with stale MLS rental data.  One Click to bullet proof your offers!

  • Review Public Data

    What was the tax assessment? When was the home built? What was the last sales price? When was the last sale date? How big is the lot? How big is the home? How many baths? How many bedrooms? It’s all included in the public info module.

  • See Adjacent Properties

    Getting a complete list of comparable homes in the area is powerful. But it’s only numerical data. Today, it’s equally important that you know a property’s location, its proximity to streets, highways, industrial or residential areas. Map view gives you this perspective.

  • Virtually Tour The Area

    Once you’ve reviewed the numbers, it’s to get in the car and go drive the neighborhood right? Not if you have REI BlackBook. Simply select “Street View” on the property analysis screen and, when available, you can see the actual property and neighborhood online!

  • Deal Analysis

    REI BlackBook lets you quickly size up a deal’s potential best case, worst case and projected outcomes. There is virtually no limit to the costs you can account for. Closing Costs, Repair Costs, Marketing, Taxes. The deal analyzer is so powerful, it can even project escalating expenses over time, so you won’t be surprised later.

  • Reports. Graphs. Credibility.

    Show up well-prepared, and financing becomes easier. Negotiate the Buy? No problem when you can objectively defend your offer. Ready to lease option or sell?  One Click Pro-forma reports make it easy for others to do business with you by justifying  your your exit strategy with numbers.  You can print reports, graphs or export the data in popular formats to work with in your own application like Excel or Google Docs.

When I Order Today, I Know I Will Receive…

Investor Website

Looking good was never so easy. With just a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can have a professional, done-for-you website, giving your business the credibility it needs, and providing prospects with pre-written “lead-magnets” that capture names and emails from visitors to your site (and deposits them directly into your personal campaign manager!

The Community

Your net worth is directly proportional to your network. Our robust community is the nation’s largest growing private network of active real estate investors.

Property Marketing Engine

The Swiss Army Knife of Real Estate Marketing! REI BlackBook’s property marketing engine automatically posts your properties to over 35 separate real estate listings sites, creates HTML ads, generates beautiful PDF property flyers, creates elegant single property websites, and automatically alerts everyone on your private buyers list automatically with each listing you create!

Property Analyzer

View historical sales data, view the property and plot it on a map with integrated Google Maps and Street View, see the comparables, analyze pricing trends – all from any web-connected device.

Deal Analyzer

Quickly build out worst case, best case and projected “What-If Scenarios.” Do complicated multi-variant analysis on any number of costs by simply moving sliders, produce professional level spreadsheets, reports, and graphs that give you the credibility that gets deals funded. Defend your offer and justify your pricing. Worth twice the price!

Service Provider Directory

Like Angie’s List, but specifically for Real Estate Investors. Find out which contractors, suppliers, attorneys, agents and other service providers rank favorably within the network and avoid unpleasant surprises!

World Class Support

We are here for you! Submit a help ticket to receive a personal email response from our team or 1-on-1 assistance, over the phone or through screen share, is available by reservation at no additional charge. Got a question that can’t wait for a response? There’s a good chance there is a training video available under the Learn tab in your account.

Document Library

Looking for a standard lease agreement? Not sure what language to use for a conditional offer? Need a service contract for repairs? Check out the document library first.

List Builder

A secret weapon among REI BlackBook members, this gem will automatically scan any HTML webpage or RSS feed for contact information and build a list of email contacts. A great way to gather a list of FSBO sellers, Renters, even BUYERS! A major time saver.

Campaign Manager

Not good with follow up? Let REI BlackBook do it for you. Just select a list, and REI BlackBook’s campaign manager will stay in contact, keeping your name and properties front and center!


With your own dedicated, local number (obtained through AMP) you are able to provide potential buyers, sellers, or investors with a no obligation, recorded message. Without the pressure of speaking with a live person, interested callers can opt in for more information, leave you a message, or be redirected to speak with you. Then, because AMP is integrated with the CRM, contact information is captured and stored automatically.

Free Upgrades For Life

REI BlackBook values innovation, excellence and listening to its members! As a PRO member, you’re guaranteed to lock in your price for life — and NEVER pay any additional license fees for upgrades.

And So Much More...

We have hardly scratched the surface of the features available within REI BlackBook on this list, there’s so much more on the inside of this powerful tool, it really is the essential tool for any Real Estate Investor who is serious about building a sustainable, profitable real estate business!

Don’t Take My Word For It

”Derek, ”Bank

“As a bank appraiser I have my choice of many tools, some of which cost quite a bit – but for my own investing, my biggest edge is REI BlackBook.  It gives me the confidence that I’m doing the right deals and making the right decisions.”

”Nathan, ”Investor,

“I’m really impressed at how all of the different systems within REI BlackBook work together. It’s just totally seamless. It all happens in one unit instead of trying to get lots of different software all together to do the same job. It has streamlined everything.”